For the healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams,look to Kenneth W. Arida, DDS

It’s no secret that healthy teeth and a radiant smile can improve your appearance and your self-esteem. And whether your goal is to restore your smile, improve your bite or maintain good oral health, you can benefit from Dr. Kenneth W. Arida’s comprehensive approach to dental care. Because the relationship between oral and general health is so significant, Dr. Arida’s concern is not for just your teeth, but also your entire mouth. He carefully assesses the condition of the soft tissues of your mouth for signs of gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition, Dr. Arida checks for signs of uneven wear, tooth decay, deteriorated fillings and poor bite patterns. Good oral health and an ideal bite allow your teeth to be in a healthy state of balance, providing long-term stability that can last a lifetime.

A dentist who comes from a family of physicians, including other dentists, Dr. Arida is dedicated to providing you and your family with today’s most advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry and periodontal care in a warm and caring atmosphere. What’s more, Dr. Arida brings you exceptional training and over two decades of experience. He is a graduate of the world-renowned L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education and an active memberof some of the most respected organizations in his field, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association and New Jersey Dental Association. To learn howDr. Arida’s combination of comprehensive and personalized dental care can enhance your smile, please read on.


By maintaining good oral-health practices at home and scheduling regular office visits, most patients can avoid many common dental problems. Daily brushing and flossing, and the application of sealants, can help youngsters avoid tooth decay. Adults can avert their most common problem, gum disease, with regular professional care. In cases where tooth loss, breakage, or misalignment does occur, the dentist is expert in a variety of advanced restoration and replacement techniques. In addition, there are a number of cosmetic procedures, including tooth whitening, veneers, and bonding, that effectively remedy chipped, discolored, and gapped teeth. The more patients know about dental health, the better their smiles. In the weeks and months ahead, this column will address all aspects of dental care.

Welcome to our column on dental care for you and your family. It is our mission to create and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for our patients in a nurturing and friendly environment. We feel it is important to educate our patients on the importance of preventive, quality dental care. We’re a full-service dental office, offering restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages. Change your life with just a smile here at 131 South Euclid Avenue, where we provide the optimum dental solution for each patient in our care. Call 908-654-6262 for an early morning, evening, lunchtime, or Saturday appointment. Convenient, free off-street parking is available.

P.S. Flossing is every bit as important as daily brushing in fighting plaque buildup and tooth decay.

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